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Allow non-modal view of Best Practices in a report

In the latest AMP design, in various pages which list Best Practice violations clicking on the Issue/Violation/Best Practice itself brings up a modal view of the violation instances. This happens throughout AMP, in any page which allows a user to link to the Best Practice including the Violations by Priority, Page Level Violations, Violation Instances pages. and Summary Page. I'm not a fan of this modal window view - its fine if I have only a few issue to navigate, but its cumbersome when navigating a large set of modules/issues.

2 reasons its cumbersome -

  1. Clicking an element in the modal takes you to a new page. If after you are done on the new page, you use the back button to return to the page with the modal, it requires you to re-open the modal to find where you were. This is especially annoying if you were on page 15/20 in pagination within the modal. While I typically right-click and open the link in a new window, I inevitably forget one time and end up losing my place.

  2. The Modal size restricts the number of modules you can view at a time to 10. There is no dropdown to select a larger pagination size, nor would you have room to do so in the modal.

Assuming that you don't want to remove the modal altogether (as I might otherwise suggest) I would recommend adding a link to a non-modal view so that those of us who do not want to be permanently constrained to view Best Practices detail in a modal window can do so. You could put the link at the top of the modal window after the modal title. "View Best Practice Details as a Standalone Page". Then ensure to allow the page resulting page allow users to paginate in larger sets like all of the other pages throughout AMP.

  • Jordan Wilson
  • Apr 6 2021
  • Needs review
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