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ORG admin should be included in the report results when he selects the org on which he has admin permissions.


If an org admin user is in an org ex: “Org A” but has admin permissions for “Org A” and “Org B” and a cohort of “Org A” and “Org B”, there is a standard user in “Org B”. When the org admin runs a report on “Org B” org and cohort they are not themselves returned in the resulting report because their institution is “Org A” and not “Org B”.

Since org admin has view permissions to “Org A” and “Org B” this will be helpful if the org admin is able to see himself in the results for “Org B” cohort even though he’s only a member of the “Org A” institution

  • kabita chowdhury
  • Aug 26 2020
  • Won't Do / Not a Feature
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  • Admin
    Megan Alfaro commented
    2 Oct, 2020 03:20pm

    I changed this to 'Won't Do" because we can have the org admin show up in reporting by simply adding the org admin to the second organization and cohort.