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More in depth Reporting for Access University

A University Org Admin requested the following wish list for university reporting:

I’m hoping that we’ll be able to track engagement in Access U from month to month. With the current platform, the best we can do is to download an Excel report of all enrollments and then use a BI tool to count the students and the courses that they’re signed up for. At that, we need to manually log into Access U as an admin and manually request the report

We’d like to be able to automate these reports so that we have periodic snapshots of engagement. To that end, an API or a directory of downloadable and date-stamped spreadsheets would be a great help.

Also, here is a wish list of metrics that we’d like to use to calculate engagement:

* total number of students

* number of new students

* number of students logged in within the last 30 days

* number of courses completed

* percent of course tracks completed

* average percent completed

I hope your new platform will allow us to get stats on the number of logins, or the date of a student’s most recent login so that we can better gauge engagement and nudge students who haven’t logged in in a while.

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  • Jan 9 2020
  • Needs Product Grooming
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    Megan Alfaro commented
    09 Jan 19:36

    Claudio, thank you for this idea and for the snapshots that you sent over via email. I have attached those mockups to this idea. I've moved this into Needs product grooming, which means our product team will walk through the specifics of the request in order to build requirements. You can track the progress of this idea here.

  • Guest commented
    28 Feb 22:48


    + one to this suggestion.
    I think this is a great callout. It would be great to have a simpler report for managers to check the status of their employees completion. Having:

    * total number of employees enrolled

    * Enrollment date

    * number of courses completed

    * percent of course tracks completed

    * average percent completed

    *Learning Path completion date