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Have report dashboard better reflect the scope of testing - Different roles are responsible for testing in diff parts of the SDLC

Since different roles are responsible for different types of testing in the SDLC, provide the ability for clients to define the scope of testing for the report. For example: automated only, manual testing only, manual and automated, etc.

As an example, a current client POC who is an engineer only performs automated testing with Continuum and sends results back to the AMP UI. The compliance score in the AMP report UI has the asterisk and the weighted score based on the expectation that manual testing should still be conducted. However, this engineer is not responsible for manual testing, and as part of the client's governance process, she must submit testing demonstrating a certain compliance score at a certain point in the development cycle. When the AMP reports shows an asterisk and displays "0/13 manual testing completed and 0/13 functional testing completed" it is not truly reflective of what she is trying to achieve. It does not meet the specific needs of that role. She has to take extra steps to mark manual testing as complete even though it was never in scope and then publish the report to get rid of the asterisk. It would be nice to provide a better user experience and workflow for this use case.

Similarly, this has come up as a feature enhancement request with other clients. For mobile audits, Level Access does not perform automated testing, yet our report view still lists automated testing. The fact it is 0% complete is confusing to clients, and they would like to know if the reference to automated testing can be removed so as to not give the incorrect impression to management and others that scope of testing was incomplete. It is just human nature to question whether what you are looking at is accurate when you see something is 0% tested.

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  • Feb 12 2021
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  • Anju Datta commented
    12 Feb 04:52pm

    It would be really helpful to have this enhancement one we start running our scripts in pipeline or scanning whole website as it is a big manual effort to go to each module and update manual testing complete.