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Add ability to adjust new tab opening when testing staged module

Adding the ability to prevent or adjust when a new tab opens when selecting a module to test. For my recent projects, I often start with the page open that I’m going to test and then open AST to begin baseline testing. When it then opens a new tab after selecting the module, it feels somewhat unhelpful to be taken away from my page and I will more than likely close it immediately and go back to where I started.

This is somewhat related to the idea already added "Add ability for users to select which tab AST focuses on",, and it would be nice to in addition to select which tab to focus on, to also determine if you want a new tab to open or not.

  • Mat Harris
  • Jan 27 2020
  • Won't Do / Not a Feature
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  • Admin
    Zahra Safavian commented
    9 Apr, 2020 07:42pm


    We are actually not going to be able to implement this due to changes that we are going to have to make to comply with Google's policies about using certain permissions within Chrome extensions.

    Updates to the documentation, as well as training, will be coming soon after these changes are completed.