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Non-org admin Level Access testers need access to Element Filters

Currently only org admins can create element filters.  All Level Access testers need this feature without having to elevate them to org admins.  Using this feature is a required part of the baseline testing.

  • Jonathan Avila
  • Jan 23 2020
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    Zahra Safavian commented
    10 Apr, 2020 01:15am

    I checked with the dev team, and according to the code any user with write access to the asset should be able to create element filters. This means Standard Users and higher roles with editing privileges on the asset should have access to this feature. If this is not the case, there is definitely a bug that should be reported to support. Can you email any specific examples of this issue to the support team, so they can investigate? Thanks! Zahra

  • Anna Kanterova commented
    18 Feb, 2020 08:24pm

    This will be helpful during the groundwork while capturing single page applications (SPAs) where the main content containers (or tested content) may be siblings with the content that should be filtered out (i.e. when an eCommerce page has a sticky footer with the order summary that needs to be captured alongside current item's page but without global header and footer)