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Add ability for users to select which tab AST focuses on

AST can sometimes not focus on the most recently opened tab without a refresh/refocus, adding in this functionality would be beneficial for users when tab focus is an issue.

Ask from user:

AST doesn't always capture the most recent page, but seems to do so if the page is refreshed.

However, it’s not always feasible to refresh a page, for example if the page is a step in a flow.

We need a reliable, documented procedure to capture a particular page of the tester’s choice in a browser that has two or more tabs open.
  • Mitchell Evan
  • Dec 11 2019
  • Future consideration
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  • Anna Kanterova commented
    26 Dec, 2019 09:38pm

    Great idea! It takes a lot of closings/refreshes and reopenings to get AST to capture correct tab. Sometimes it's also times out somehow (or if you touch another tab with AMP opened, it steals the focus too) and you are in risk of capturing AMP tab instead of your target tab... Refocusing AST does not always work now.

  • Admin
    Tyler Gould commented
    11 Dec, 2019 03:23pm

    Hi Mitchell, I believe you can also close and relaunch AST to refocus AST on the current page. This is likely a less disruptive  path to refocus AST if focus is lost after a page load or change.