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BASELINE: Color of pass/fail buttons


In AST there is a method for indicating a guided automatic is a pass (blue) or fail (red). While this seems logical, it's actually the opposite way of thinking from how we use these tools. Passing item makes it go away from our report and the blue color makes the testers feel that they are making it part of the report, and vice versa.

[Business Impact]

There will be times where testers will press the wrong button. 


Change the colors to be red/green natural, such as blue or purple, as to not confuse users as to what these buttons are doing.

  • Kevin Murphy
  • Dec 3 2019
  • Needs Clarification
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  • Anna Kanterova commented
    26 Dec, 2019 09:56pm

    Another thing about these buttons: "Pass" is on the left, but it will be moved to the right tab ("Passed") and reverse with "Fail" - the button is on the right, but the item will be moved to the left. IMHO switching them could save some brain work and time.

    @Zahra, if it takes us (who work with AST a lot) some time to find the needed button (or click wrong one and go search that lost defect), I am sure our customers are lost as well. So maybe it is possible to update UI and call these buttons "Defect" and "Not defect" or "Confirmed issue" and "Not an issue"? It might be bigger of a change but could improve usability drastically.

  • Admin
    Zahra Safavian commented
    4 Dec, 2019 08:38pm


    I think we are going to remove the color all together and make them both blue like we do on other forms. Changing the colors as you suggest might make sense to AS, but it is counter to how our customer end users think of the Needs Review section. I think the color is probably adding complexity where it isn't really needed.