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Regarding ideas for user types dashboard - Explicitly spell out common next steps on the dashboard

Depending on the user role, add a section/tool tip/link next to each widget explaining the importance of the information being conveyed in the widget and then spell out common actions clients who serve in their roles would take based on the information. For example, a developer might look at the Current Risk Score By Page Traffic Widget, and the common next step would be to open a new browser window, navigate to the URL, launch Access Assistant, and perform additional testing. Or maybe, for a property owner or sponsor looking at the remediation page, a common next step would be to evaluate whether the same types of violations occur over time and consider providing additional training opportunities for their development teams, then maybe add a link to some place on Level's website that describes our training packages.

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  • Mar 15 2018
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  • Guest commented
    17 Aug, 2018 04:42pm

    Hi – I think the Analytics whitepaper actually addressed my original idea. I felt users need some guidance in understanding what steps one would take when looking at data in the widgets on the Analytics dashboard. It would be great if similar information/suggested guidance was available directly from the dashboard so there wasn’t a need to reference the whitepaper.

  • Admin
    Megan Alfaro commented
    17 Aug, 2018 02:33pm

    Mary, this is a great idea but we just need a bit more information. 

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    Zahra Safavian commented
    30 Mar, 2018 01:43pm


    I believe you are referring to the "job functions" that we are collecting now? This is separate from the users dashboard we are currently designing for Analytics, which is actually more about understanding AT usage and accessibility impact on those users for any given domain. 

    If I understand what you are asking for correctly, this would actually be an AMP feature vs. an Analytics feature, right? It sounds to me like you want us to suggest next steps within our product set for users of different job functions to help them work on compliance more effectively. 

    Could you provide more details?