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Clone Violation Instances Feature

It would save some serious time if testers were able to clone violation instances. (like you can do in JIRA with issues).

Currently, testers create new instances and copy and paste Descriptions and Notes manually to replicate similar issues. Cloning could cut this time down dramatically, thus streamlining testing.

Once a violation instance(s) has been cloned, a copy of that issue appears in the list of violations for that Module. We could experiment with adding the words [copy/clone] to the violation description so they stand out. From there the tester could modify the violation accordingly.

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  • Jul 12 2018
  • Future consideration
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  • Anna Kanterova commented
    6 Feb, 2020 09:01pm

    Very much needed! 


    Use case #1: there is an amazing template module 00 with advisories for design reviews created by Jennifer Arango. It has 32 violations that cover most of flaws that we see being missed in development. It would be extremely helpful to clone that module (or at least all or some of 32 instances into a report within another organization). Copying report won't help if the report is already created (i.e. scoped and captured).


    Use case #2: Same org has some similar issues here and here, because they user the same component library that is not fixed or each dev team forks their design  system and miss the fix downstream. Only in the process of testing you can catch some issues and it is, again, too late to "copy the report" as noone wants to loose their work.


    Baseline would not be able to cover it with ACE templates as they are extremely helpful, but can be used only for web, not for design reviews, PDFs, and mobile.

  • Ed Miller commented
    29 Aug, 2018 05:12pm

    Good idea- add a Favorites section to the BP modal with template language for defects. Allow users to save their favorite or most commonly used examples so they can insert and customize the current defect description.

  • Admin
    Megan Alfaro commented
    6 Aug, 2018 03:13pm

    Please add use cases 

  • Admin
    Megan Alfaro commented
    12 Jul, 2018 07:23pm

    This is a great idea. In my shadowing sessions with folks on the AS team, I can see how this could be useful. Moving to future consideration. The product team will be grooming the future considerations next week.

  • Guest commented
    12 Jul, 2018 03:50pm

    This would be extremely helpful for multiple Assets within the same Organization (and even Enterprise).