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Search fields for quickly locating best practices in the Add Instances window

It would be helpful to have the Add Instances window include best practice search fields in addition to the existing dropdown. This would make it possible to find BPs much more quickly than the current dropdown allows, while still keeping the dropdown as an option. I currently employ userscripts that create this functionality through a datalist.

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  • Jan 18 2018
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  • Guest commented
    8 Feb, 2018 06:22pm

    Zahra - I'm actually not referring to the manual testing tree on the Test Module screen, I'm referring to the actual dropdown in the Add Instances modal that you access from the View Module screen. I actually almost never use the manual testing tree, except to view guided automatics, and usually create all my violations through the View Module screen. Hope that helps!

  • Admin
    Zahra Safavian commented
    8 Feb, 2018 06:16pm

    Alexander and Mitchell, 

    The Manual Testing Tree is likely to be replaced with the manual testing interface in Access Assistant (+ some enhancements we're planning on making to improve that part of the toolbar). Once we do that, it should resolve some of these issues that you are experiencing when working in this area of AMP. -Zahra

  • Mitchell Evan commented
    22 Jan, 2018 09:38pm

    I agree. After a year of using AMP (and after finding workarounds for some other quirks), this is now my #1 slow point when performing auditing work in AMP.