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Allowing Org admins to move users to child orgs

As it currently stands, org admin users are unable to add users to multiple orgs if they are org admin for those orgs/child orgs. Allowing org admins to add users to multiple organizations would be very helpful.
  • Peter Rosenkrans
  • Jun 8 2021
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  • Peter Rosenkrans commented
    14 Jun 05:11pm

    When trying to add an existing user, the user is found and selected but when the submit button is clicked the select toggle checkbox is turned off and nothing happens. When not selected, and the submit button is clicked the toggle checkbox is turned on. Chrome and Edge.

    Peter Rosenkrans | Senior Application Developer
    PA Office of Administration | Infrastructure and Economic Development
    Bureau of Solutions Management | PennDOT, DCED, PEMA

  • Admin
    Tyler Gould commented
    14 Jun 02:59pm

    Hi Peter,

    Org admins should be able to add users to multiple child organizations (provided they have org admin rights to the child organizations as well). This is actually done by navigating to the administration view for the child org and selecting the "Add Existing Users" link in the "User Administration" section.

    The Add Existing User flow will allow you to search for users and add them to the child organization. You can do this for each child organization you wish to add them too.