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Reports with a lot of violations cause JSON error

We have discovered the JSON error message generated due to many violations after performing a 1000 page spider scan, where the report cannot be generated. Currently a non-informative error message is being generated which doesn’t help the end-user understanding the problem.

The suggestions we are putting forward are:

* Make the error message more meaningful, i.e. 'The number of violations exceeds the maximum number, the report cannot be generated.'

* Before the report is executed, provide the maximum number of defects permitted per maximum number of pages. I.E: 1000 pages, 50000 defects.

* Details for both the above to be clearly documented in the support documents.

* If the error occurs, provide a downloadable JSON file containing the violation data instead of the error message.

* Fix the reporting tool to handle a larger number than 60k.

If 60000 defects per report is above the maximum number of validations per report, this is rather low when performing a large number of pages. For example: If you perform a 5000 page test, this only allows 12 defects per page which is not realistic. Thus we encourage for Level Access to consider the above improvements.
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  • Apr 8 2021
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