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Improve Overall Communication & Marketing of Product Releases

It would be great if we could supplement our text-based product release updates with an engaging video overview of what is included in each release. IMO, it's much easier to watch a 60-90 video and understand what is new, what need it meets, what it looks like, and where to find it and get excited by something than it is when looking at a text email or being directed to a product support article.

Having a short video overview would be great for marketing to end users within very large accounts where it is sometimes difficult to get the word out about new features and functionality when they are already set in their ways in how they are using the product. Seeing a visual representation of how they may apply the new functionality would be much more impactful and would probably have a greater chance of driving individuals to investigate the new release and how it would apply to what they are trying to accomplish with our products.

Thinking something along the lines of this:

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  • Jul 24 2020
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