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Change default setting of "Bookmarks Only" checkbox in "Change Organization" dialog to checked, to speed up switching orgs

For anyone who is an AMP system admin (usually not clients, only folks internal to Level Access), if you work with multiple client organizations, the only way to switch between orgs is to click the "Change Organizations" button to open the "Change Organization" modal. For AMP system admins, the list of "Organization Name"s is going to be every org in AMP. So those users are forced to filter the list before they can do anything.

If the "Bookmarks Only" checkbox defaulted to on (either for every user, or if each user could specify that they wanted that checkbox to default to checked), it would speed up the process every time a sys admin wants to change orgs.

(Note that, anyone who isn't a sys admin, they won't see that full list of orgs in the "Change Organizations" dialog. Perhaps, when AMP opens the dialog and requests a list of only bookmarked orgs for a user, if that comes back as an empty list, AMP could then default to showing all orgs that that user has access to rather than an empty list of bookmarked orgs? But that's just an implementation suggestion).

  • Owen Edwards
  • Apr 29 2020
  • Future consideration
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