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Add "select all" option when editing column visibility

Our internal team of 30 testers will be required to ensure all columns are visible prior to exporting violation instances for import to Jira. This is a very manual process which would be made much simpler with the addition of a "select all" option. In addition, having the "select all" option will reduce the likelihood of individuals failing to expose all columns before export which will result in a Jira import failure.

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  • Feb 21 2020
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AMP / Exports
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  • Mike Schutte commented
    22 Feb, 2020 02:28am

    P.S.  should never Assume...might this be paired with a Deselect All link, like is used in the View Violations page's filter panel?

  • Mike Schutte commented
    21 Feb, 2020 05:32pm

    Another argument in favor of this feature happens to also apply in general use of this modal, even if you don't need to select all of them. I've seen cases where the attempts to use the mouse to toggle the switch controls is painfully and unnecessarily difficult, as if the clickable area is not what one would think (Anna N showed this to me and OMG). The worst offender in that category, though, is the (x) close element, where clicking directly on the X does not close the modal, but I've found that clicking on an area offset down and to the left of the X is what closes it. FWIW I usually use Firefox. Mat H. observed this as well, and his workaround was to click completely outside the modal to close it - which is counter to 'modal', arguably.