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Make Instance_ids Of Violation Instances That Are Members Of Patterns Remain Static

User would like to know if it is possible for instances ID's that are members of patterns remain static after they are edited.

I was reviewing a Pattern for some validation testing that a user was doing for me, and asked him to edit the Defect Comments field to add the date and a mention of which Module passed and which failed. I had left the View Pattern page at

open in the browser.
After getting his email that he’d made the requested change, I switched to this already-open AMP page and clicked the Edit Pattern button on the View Pattern page so that I could confirm the edits he’d made to Defect Comments.

I thought maybe his edit of the Pattern caused a change to the Pattern ID, but it’s still 115804,

If I open that same Pattern ‘fresh’ in a different browser tab, the Edit Pattern modal opens fine.

Ah – the Instance IDs related to that exact Pattern changed, which I can see from comparing prior Excel output to the current post-edited values.
  • Mike Schutte
  • Jan 15 2020
  • Future consideration
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