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Organization-level Viewer role needed to support easy report access to client leads while preventing editing

This feature is requested on behalf of one of our largest, long-time enterprise clients that I support. They have a group of people who act as Accessibility SMEs, or in governance/other roles. I would like them to have easy access to any AMP report in their Org by report URL acquisition alone, but since several of them are very new to their company and extremely new to AMP, it's regrettable that the only way to meet that report permissions need that I know of is to make them Organization Administrators - a role that supports editing, deleting, all manner of mischief. Yes, we can request they take a read-only approach and give them a quick tour with do's and don'ts, but it would be much better and safer if we could make them Viewer users across the whole Org, not just in individual Assets or Reports.

(I thought I'd reported this before but a couple of searches came up empty.)

  • Mike Schutte
  • Jul 31 2019
  • Deferred to Next Gen
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  • Mitchell Evan commented
    21 Nov, 2019 12:41am

    This enhancement would also help me get our own consultants up to speed on client-specific AMP reporting requirements. I would like to give "org viewer" access to a group of consultants so they can review all past AMP reports for a large client with 70+ assets.


    Another benefit: Account managers and Customer Success managers need viewer access to all reports for a given client. This would save time vs. granting them access for each asset or each report.

  • Admin
    Tyler Gould commented
    14 Aug, 2019 05:38pm

    This type of role based permission mapping is a large driver for implementing the next generation of AMP as this functionality it not supportable in the current generation. The best way to handle this right now would be to manually assign the users viewer or reviewer permissions to all the Assets that contain reports they need to have access to, instead of making them administrators.

  • Mike Schutte commented
    1 Aug, 2019 07:12pm

    P.S. Organization-level REVIEWER role would be another option.