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Use Case Testers for acceleration

This is related to this idea that was deferred a while ago but I believe it needs to be readdressed.

I'm doing an access acceleration project for a client and I have different use case testers for the different sprints. I am not able to have different testers in amp in the same way I have different testers for modules. The same is true for AT types as only the AT set for the first sprint is available. As we move more into acceleration projects, this is going to keep coming up as an issue. 

I'd like to propose a rethinking how use cases are assigned. I'm picturing instead of one long list, a couple of dropdown menus. 

First Dropdown Menu: AT Type

  • JAWS2018
  • JAWS2019
  • ZoomText... 
  • etc.

After that menu would be a button for adding this AT type to the use case. When activated would be a dropdown for all the AT users that are assigned to that technology (in the same way that it is done now). 

  • Roy
  • Loren
  • Jon

Also appearing at this time would be a text field for the browser type.This way I could create the following use cases:

  • JAWS2018/Roy/Chrome
  • JAWS2018/Roy/Firefox
  • ZoomText/Jon/chrome

And then later on a different use case, I could use the same ones I set up earlier OR different ones. 

  • Kevin Murphy
  • Feb 5 2019
  • Deferred to Next Gen
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