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AMP Subscription End Date Should Be Set At Root Level / Parent Org Level - Not at User Level

It is difficult to manage individual licenses that have varying expiration dates depending on when that user profile was created in AMP. We look bad when a user license expires, and the user has to reach out to us to be reactivated. We should only have to set the expiration date for the AMP subscription in one place at the root or parent org level. All user licenses for that org would then expire on the same date. It would also alleviate the issue of having to bulk update licenses organization by organization in client SaaS instances which can be very time consuming when there are several child organizations.

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  • Dec 18 2018
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  • laura fathauer commented
    26 Feb, 2020 06:55pm

    End user admins also don't have the ability to unassigned licenses; only assign them.