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WCAG Success Criterion/Criteria, WCAG Version, and WCAG Level for each Best Practice

Please add each associated WCAG Success Criterion, WCAG version, and Level as an option for All Violations export and separate columns in export. Customers requesting direct correlation between BP and WCAG. This has to be manually created and is extremely time consuming to create when requested. If a BP has multiple SC associated with it the spreadsheet could just repeat columns. These could be iterated out at the end of the spreadsheet. Please keep Level and SC as separate columns. 


Customers ask for this to help them prioritize remediation and to have a better understanding of how BPs align with WCAG.


e.g. (separate columns for a BP dealing with form labels)

WCAG Success Criteria:

3.3.2 Labels and Instructions


WCAG Version:

WCAG 2.0


WCAG Level:

Level A

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  • Oct 29 2018
  • Future consideration